I did the NBA power rankings and it was pretty annoying

OK so all of last year I did the NBA power rankings and it was pretty annoying and got real old, real quick so I will not be doing them this season, unless you realllllly want me to again. Let me know in some way or another if you actually do want me to. Anyway, ESPN already put out they're season opening rankings and I'm not a big fan of replica Rolex 179160-BLRO Ladie's watch them at all, causing me write this Post.At number 1 they rightfully have the Lakers because they can't be dethroned just yet.The Heat at number 2 I guess is a good pick but you just never know in the NBA when stars join together.

A day off tomorrow, hopefully some media person will ask Brad Mills why in the name of GAWD he keeps platooning/pulling Brett Wallace against leftys.Then the Pirates come in for the weekend and we will have the debut of Nelson Figueroa, starter.Jordan Lyles appears to be tiring, by the way.I'm glad they didn't bring him up yet, he's having replica Tag Heuer wjf2110.ba0570 watch enough trouble at AAA.And Douglas Arguello is sitting out at AA because his armn is hurting we'll see what happens with that.

Unbelieveable.A great pitchers' duel for 7 innings.Jair Jurrgens was almost unhittable, except by CJ (naturally) who had 2 singles, Wallace, who singled, Castro, who singled and Bourn, who tripled to the RF gap the hardest hit ball all night.He SHOULD have had this game won as a shutout, but with 1 out and Bourn on 3rd, he got Kepp to ground out to short (JUST like last night with Pence on 3rd) and AGAIN, Alex replica Tag Heuer 1 cl111c.ft6000 watch Gonzalez, the SS messed up the throw home- it one hopped and McCann couldn't tag the sliding Bourn who, by the way, missed the plate.Fortunately for him, McCann missed the ball, which rolled all the way to the backstop and Bourn heard the screams from the dugout to go back and tag in time.With Kepp advancing to second on the throw, Jurrgens?

which were deliberately thrown out of the zone

He has now thrown 23 pitches, 8 of which are strikes, 8 of which were deliberately thrown out of the zone.Time to bring in someone else?Heavens, no.Gonzales singles home a run.Bases loaded.It's now Braves 4 Astros 2.NOW we bring in Fulchino to face pinch hitter lefty Brian McCann.2 balls, then a FB, straight RIGHT down the middle and then 3 seconds later, 400′ into the stands.Poor Lyon is Francoed by 3 runs and all I can say is gee, what a surprise.It was time replica Tag Heuer wv211a.fc6203 watch decision as the only guy Bobby Cox had left on the bench was McCann (niether Chipper nor lefty Heyward were available).

So you could bring in Byrdak to face Diaz, who certainly hits leftys well at a .918 OPS, or Fulchino to face McCann who hits rightys at a .898 clip.So the question is, right NOW, who do you think is the better pitcher? Rights have a .333 BAA Byrdak and leftys have a .313 BAA Fulchino (and I am just looking at this year's stats replica Tag Heuer wv2116.fc6182 watch because most all relievers not named Mariano are not particularly consistent from year to year)okI get the point, pick your poison.And we got poisoned, all right.Funny that this particular series has focused so strongly on bad fielding and too many walks at a critical time leading to misfortune.

Little to no progress has been made for Carmelo Anthony since the four-team deal first broke out onto the scene on Friday.Melo's reps continues to Push for a trade to be made to one of the swingman's preferred destinations (New York or Chicago) but the likelihood of that happening diminishes by the hour.Reports [.]Related Posts:New replica Rolex 179174-BLSJ Ladie's watch Jersey Nets, Carmelo Anthony four team deal in the works?New Jersey Nets front-runners in Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes?Joakim Noah to Be Involved In Carmelo Anthony Deal?

I really don't like walking a guy when you have ALREADY walked someone

So, instead of concentrating on getting ONE out, the pinch hitter Hinske, Mills has them IBB him, hoping to get Infante to GIDP, I guess.But I really don't like walking a guy when you have ALREADY walked someone replica Tag Heuer wah1110.bt0714 Men's watch generally is not good.So of course, Infante doubles off the scoreboard and Ankiel trots home.BIG meeting on the mound, Mills chatting.So far, we have had a pitcher who gave up a long fly ball, a 3-2 walk, an IBB, a double smashed off the scoreboard, men on second and third, and what do we get?an IBB to?Melky Cabrera.So far, we have THREE walks, 2 intentional, a single and a double.

Even though the 49ers are a talented group for the most part, Alex Smith will be a liability in the playoffs until he proves otherwise.AFC Divisional Round: Houston Texans (5) at Baltimore Ravens (1)The Baltimore Ravens are a dominant team on both defense and offense, and I expect them to terrorize the Houston Texans.There's no way replica Longines L2. Ladie's watch that an inexperienced team will be able to beat the likes of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.Honestly, I wouldn't even consider this much of a contest.NFC Divisional Round: Minnesota Vikings (5) at Green Bay Packers (1)I personally think that the Green Bay Packers are one of the most complete teams in the NFL.

Of course, they are also one of the youngest.Moreover, they looked absolutely horrendous in the playoffs last season against the Arizona Cardinals.Unless that changes, I've got to say the Vikings win this game.Brett Favre & Co. are on a mission.AFC Divisional Round: New York Jets (3) at Indianapolis Colts (2)This would be a great rematch of last year's AFC Championship Game, which the Colts won 30-17.If this game were to occur, I replica Vacheron Constantin 83630.W01G-9305 Ladie's watch would predict a similar outcome. In my mind, the New York Jets are more pretenders as opposed to true contenders.I question whether Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene can carry this offense and put points on the board in order to keep up with the Colts.NFC Divisional Round: New Orleans Saints (3) at Dallas Cowboys (2)There's no denying that both of these teams are incredibly talented and boast potent offenses.

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And Sanchez grounds out.Sanchez, by the way, has gotten on base in all but 7 of 30 games here.Pretty good.So Lyon, who threw 7 pitches in the 9th, goes back out to start the 10th.Good idea, he shouldn't exactly be exhausted after 7 pitches and 5 minutes in the bullpen and 5 minutes of commercials.Conrad flies out 1st pitch.But then Ankiel walks.Not good, because he's FAST and he steals bases.So then Feliz does the replica Tag Heuer waf1414.ba0812 watch thing to lose the game he fails to catch a pickoff throw and Ankiel is on second.This is bad because Ankiel is fast enough to score on a single that leaves the infield.


the details of this all original 1971 replica Omega 951297.75 watch Ingenieur with a very rare military

Click here for the details of this all original 1971 replica Omega 951297.75 watch Ingenieur with a very rare military inspired face. Hodinkee in IWC, IWC Ingenieur, Vintage Tuesday, February 3, 2009 at 11:51AM We know that despite the Omega Speedmaster actually being built as a racing watch, it has since taken on the role of an aviator's watch.It's been to the moon and back, and it's been on board the first solar powered plane to attempt a global flight.And, if Rolex has a pilot's watch and Breitling has a gaggle of pilot's watches (all of them, really), how can Omega not have a dedicated flying timepiece?Well, they did.

It was called the Omega Flightmaster and it was really replica Omega 2177.75 watch something else.It was originally produced in 1969 and featured everything a pilot could want on a watch.This included:A case cut from a single block of Swedish steelA unique jointing system allowing it to function in a complete vaccumA chronograph capable of recording 1/5th of a second for up to 12 hoursA GMT hand capable of telling two times at once (a relatively big deal back then)An inner rotating bezel used to record flight timeAll of the seven hands on this watch (a lot even by today's standards) are color coordinated to match up with the appropriate crown or push button.

For example the sides are polished while parts of the top are brushed, this always is an attractive element when done well.The bezel is easily one replica Rado R25473712 Ladie's watch of the best styled parts of the watch, certainly good looking. Twisting it is a bit hard, and the action could be a tad bit smoother, but it does not have any "give" and will not rattle around like cheap bezels will.